Wednesday, July 18
Thursday, July 19
(venue TBA)
(venue TBA)
  9:00 Keynote II
  (Flavio Junqueira)
  10:15 Session 3
  Processing and Storage
13:45 Keynote I 13:30 Keynote III
(Scott Shenker) (Rodrigo Rodrigues)
15:00 Session 1 14:15 Session 4
Cloud Networking Collaborative Processing on the Web
16:15 Session 2 15:35 Session 5
Distributed Shared Data Cloud Security
16:25 Keynote IV
(Ron Bekkerman)
Dinner downtown

A more detailed list of keynotes can be found here.

Keynote I (Chair: Dahlia Malkhi)
Software-Defined Networking: History, Hype, and Hope
Scott Shenker (UC Berkeley and ICSI)

Keynote II (Chair: Robbert van Renesse)
Durability with BookKeeper
Flavio Junqueira (Yahoo! Research Barcelona)

Keynote III (Chair: Dahlia Malkhi)
Building fast and consistent geo-replicated systems
Rodrigo Rodrigues (Universidade Nova de Lisboa and CITI research lab)

Keynote IV (Chair: Harry Li)
Scaling Up Machine Learning
Ron Bekkerman (LinkedIn)

Session I: Cloud Networking (Chair: Robbert van Renesse)
Revisiting the End-to-end Argument in Data Center Networks
Paolo Costa
Unified Control of Middlebox Traversals and Functionality
Aaron Gember, Theo Benson and Aditya Akella

Session II: Distributed Shared Data (Chair: Dahlia Malkhi)
Scalable distributed data structures
Christian Scheideler
RAM-DUR: In-Memory Deferred Update Replication
Daniele Sciascia and Fernando Pedone
Distributed Software Transactional Memories: A Summary of Research at IST/INESC-ID
Luis Rodrigues and Paolo Romano

Session III: Processing and Storage (Chair: Gregory Chockler)
Towards Efficient Stream Processing in the Wide Area
Matvey Arye, Siddhartha Sen, Ariel Rabkin, and Michael J. Freedman.
Live Network Streaming with Utilities and Cost
Ymir Vigfusson, Annie Liu, Winnie Liu, Yuanchao Zhu, Gunnar S. Sigurbjornsson, Kristjan V. Jonsson, Qi Huang, Ken Birman and Daniel Freedman.
Exploiting Interest Clustering for Efficient Event Timestamping in Distributed Publish/Subscribe Systems
Roberto Baldoni, Marco Platania, Leonardo Querzoni and Silvia Bonomi
Towards Predictable Multi-Tenant Shared Cloud Storage
David Shue, Michael J. Freedman and Anees Shaikh

Session IV: Collaborative Processing on the Web (Chair: Ymir Vigfusson)
Better Software Reliability via Distributed Information Recycling
George Candea
Accurate and Practical Network Tomography
Denisa Ghita, Katerina Argyraki and Patrick Thiran

Session V: Cloud Security (Chair: J.P. Martin)
Intrusion-Tolerant Cloud Monitoring and Control
Daniel Obenshain, Tom Tantillo, Andrew Newell, Cristina Nita-Rotaru and Yair Amir
Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Verification Protocols
Andreas Haeberlen, Mingchen Zhao, Wenchao Zhou, Alexander Gurney, Micah Sherr and Boon Thau Loo

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